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Revive & Thrive


This 4 week mentoring program is your warm-up to mindfulness! With daily prayers, affirmations, and devotions, you'll feel renewed and inspired to seek joy. Mary Alice also includes therapeutic gardening days! Often times, we can't find the words to express this stagnant feeling we are experiencing. You may think you're stuck, but often times, you're so over-whelmed with underwhelm that you don't know where to start. This program is designed for the woman who yearns to start again. Maybe she's starting something new, maybe she's re-starting something. Whichever one it is, Mary Alice will guide you through an enlightenment process to help you feel revived, break free of survival mode, and thrive! With Revive & Thrive enrollment, you will receive a digital/printable guide book, live training via Zoom, once a week for 4 weeks. All training is recorded and saved to your membership library. We begin April 29, 2024.

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