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Mary Alice Poole

All Thrive Collective with Mary Alice

I’m Mary Alice! In 2016, I found myself at a career crossroads, having achieved numerous degrees but feeling undervalued and underpaid. Frustration led me to explore side hustles, and that's when the transformation began. As an empty nester, I connected with other women in similar situations, all seeking a path to financial and personal fulfillment. It was then that I discovered my passion for empowering women to turn their ideas into reality. But in 2022, I had a major life change that shattered my world. Losing mama was a profound moment in my life, one that left a painful, yet indelible mark on my journey. I vividly remember watching my mom tirelessly work day in and day out, witnessing the immense struggle she endured. But beneath her resilience, I also saw the frustrations and worries she carried, especially when it came to money.


Her money insecurities became a shadow that followed me for years, casting doubt on my own abilities and aspirations. I did a lot of thinking after my mom’s passing and spent a lot of time crying about how hard she worked and how she worried constantly about money all of her life. I was worrying, too, about money.


This shared experience served as a powerful catalyst for me to confront and conquer my own insecurities. I embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery and growth, determined to break free from the cycle of uncertainty that had held me back for so long.


It was during this transformative period that I found my purpose - to help other women become confident business builders, guiding them to create their own legacies for their families. I am driven by the belief that no woman should feel shackled by financial insecurity, and I am committed to empowering others to take control of their destinies, just as I did, so they can leave a lasting and prosperous legacy for the ones they love.


 Today, I'm dedicated to paving the way for others to find their own success and fulfillment. 

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Midlife often presents women with a unique set of challenges - from empty nests to career crossroads, and even questioning one's life purpose. In these moments of uncertainty, a mentor becomes an invaluable beacon of guidance and support. 


For women, money holds particular significance as it ensures the power to make choices without being limited by financial constraints. It is a key to unlocking opportunities, providing for loved ones, and fostering a sense of empowerment that extends far beyond the balance in the bank account.

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Thriving empowers women to break free from the constraints of societal norms and fully embrace their potential, leading to a life rich in purpose, joy, and the opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impact on the world.


More often than not, women often find themselves saying "no" to their own aspirations, dreams, and desires far too frequently. It's time to rewrite the narrative, replacing self-doubt with self-belief, and recognizing that you are deserving of every opportunity, and that you have the potential to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

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I'm dedicated to teaching women practical, sustainable methods that prioritize their well-being (even while building a business). By embracing self-care, you not only recharge your spirit but also empower yourself to thrive, as you become more capable of facing life's challenges with resilience and vitality.

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